Service usage

a. License
Wilton Options hereby grants you a revocable, limited, royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use the Wilton Options Services through your computer or other Internet-enabled device for your personal use, provided that you continuously comply with the express terms and conditions stated in these Terms. It is forbidden for you to use WiltonServices for business or commercial transactions, including ones that you carry out on behalf of other people or organizations. All of the aforementioned behaviors are explicitly forbidden and are a serious breach of these Terms. Wilton Options should have the final say about the design, structure, functionality, and access rights for its services. All rights that aren't explicitly granted in these Terms are reserved by Wilton Options. As a result, it is forbidden for you to use Wilton Options Services in any way that isn't expressly allowed. As a result, it is forbidden for you to use Wilton Options Services in any way that is not specifically permitted by these Terms.
Only a restricted license to access and utilize Wilton Options Services is granted under these Terms. As a result, you thus acknowledge and accept that Wilton Options does not transfer ownership of any Wilton Options intellectual property to you or anyone else when you use Wilton Options Services. The design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, look and feel, and layout of any content included in the services or provided through Wilton Options Services, as well as any computer code (including html code), programs, software, products, information, and documents, are solely owned, controlled, and/or licensed by Wilton Options Operators or its members, parent companies, or licensees.

b. Restriction
By accessing Wilton Options Services, you agree that Wilton Options has the right to investigate any violation of these Terms, unilaterally determine whether you have violated these Terms, and take actions under relevant regulations without your consent or prior notice. Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to:
Blocking and closing order requests;
- Freezing your account;
- Reporting the incident to the authorities;
- Publishing the alleged violations and actions that have been taken;
- Deleting any information you published that are found to be violations.